New look for the AWBF online

posted Aug 22, 2015, 5:20 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Aug 22, 2015, 5:23 PM ]
From Paul Cullen (manager, AWBF):

'... We are writing to you because we’re about to introduce a brand-new format for the Australian Wooden Boat Festival Newsletter.  It’s faster and more responsive, there’s more interesting content and it easier to get at.
In the past, when you signed up to receive the AWBF Newsletter, we would send you a PDF document by email, once every couple of months in the off year, then monthly as the festival got closer.  In the new format, you will get a summary of new stories and features, delivered automatically to your Inbox once a month.  You don’t have to download or print anything – one click will take you straight to the latest news.  We’re calling it the AWBF News Blog and you can road test it right now....'

See the new AWBF news blog at and judge for yourself (remembering it is still being worked on).  Whilst there fill in the form to get the newsletter sent directly to your email account.

The full text of Paul's message is attached: