More on Maria Island expedition

posted Feb 13, 2018, 4:38 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Feb 13, 2018, 4:39 PM ]
Jane Johnson writes: 

  1. Route – At present, the preferable route is to leave from Spring Beach and head towards Darlington, point to point is 8km. From Darlington it is a further 12 km to Encampment Cove. The weather/general consensus may mean that we veer towards Encampment Cove, past Lachlan Island, (not able to land here) rather than go all the way into Darlington to reduce the journey for one day. 
  2. Camping at Encampment Cove – there is a water tank, although the ranger advised taking own water supply for three days, and there are toilets. Camping is free here, and we have enough parks passes to cover 20 people. Please advise Jane if you have a parks pass to get exact numbers. 
  3. Postal Voting – as we plan to be on Maria Island Sat Mar 3, the day of the election, it is advised all participants organise postal voting now – forms are in Post Offices. 
  4. Ranger – having spoken to the ranger, he is supportive and aware of the surge of possibly five boats (1 skiff Cygnet, 2 Franklin, 2 own boats) and about 20 adventurous boatees, plus a safety boat. The Spring Bay crew may yet still join in and we welcome their local knowledge. 
  5. Spring Beach Youth Camp – having emailed the Youth Camp, they are happy for us to camp Friday night if needed in their paddock (facilities to be checked) and for vehicles and trailers to be parked for at least 2 nights. 
  6. There is a reconnaissance this Sunday to check out the logistics which will be revealed at the next meeting, Monday Feb 19, 6pm at the LBT. 
  7. PLAN B..due to unsuitable weather…all participants to check by March 1. 
  8. Camp at Dunalley Hotel Sat Mar 3 – toilets and free camping. 
  9. Trip to Blackman or Norfolk Bay, weather dependent. 
  10. Evening Fish and Chips at the fish bar – highly recommended. Updates will be given. Don’t forget to confirm your place by Feb 24 if you have not been notified. Jane 0400717140. 
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