Montague Whaler: Jutland Centenary Special

posted Jun 1, 2016, 11:18 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Jun 1, 2016, 11:24 PM ]

Tucked away alongside the Franklin Wooden Boat School is a significant piece of naval history which students from Huonville High School and others are helping to restore. Badly damaged when a flood swept it onto a bridge pier, this 27 foot naval whaler is one of the few remaining examples of a once ubiquitous boat type.  All major warships from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and of course the British Navy would have used them as ships boats from the 1890's right up to the 1960's. Whalers would have been on the scene at Gallipoli, Jutland, Dunkirk, D-Day and Korea. 

The Franklin boat now appears to have most of its structural repairs completed and when finished will be a nice match with the LBT's own Swiftsure whaleboat. 

Montague Whalers are so significant, they even have their own song.  A box of tissues is recommended if you haven't heard this moving lament before.

Some other pics of Montague whalers.....

Sailing in the Auckland Regatta in the 1950's

Famous Whaler, Vancouver, which takes part in every Thames Great River Race