Model boats for the AWBF

posted Oct 26, 2016, 2:15 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 27, 2016, 1:37 AM ]
Michael Stoddart writes:

'The Registration site on the Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2017 website is now open for the receipt of model boat registrations.   Please go to

and complete your registration.  Click on 'Model Boat' and follow the screens.  If you have exhibited with the AWBF in previous years you will notice a change in procedure.  It is now necessary for all model boats to be registered in the same way as Boats Afloat and Boats Ashore.  There is no charge for exhibiting one or more model boats but if you should wish to have the commemorative plaque and flag you must tick the appropriate box on the registration form and pay $30 to AWBF.  By asking you to register, irrespective of your wishes regarding plaque and flag, we will be better able to integrate the model boat section of AWBF into the main database.  If you opt to pay for the plaque and flag you will also receive a Boat Bag that includes and invitation to the Boat Owners Happy Hour at the Waterside Tavern.  Please would you ensure to note the number of models you would like to exhibit. 

Registration for Model Boats will remain open until December 15th 2016.  Between then and Christmas I will confirm with you the amount of display space you would like.  For 2017 we are back in the lovely Waterside Pavilion in Mawson Place, but space is limited. 

As a registered boat owner you will be covered by AWBF's 3rd party liability insurance.  Please note the AWBF does not cover you for loss/damage to your boat(s) and if this is a concern to you you must arrange private cover.  There will be a Volunteer from AWBF in attendance in the Pavilion at all times the site is unlocked to ensure visitors do not interfere with the models, irrespective of whether you choose to remain with your model(s) or not. 

The 2017 AWBF is shaping up to be a fantastic celebration of everything to do with boats and I hope you will help make the Model Boat display the best ever.'