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posted Jul 7, 2016, 12:15 AM by Posts Editor

We received a tip from the Wooden Boat Festival that two Hydrowood celery pine logs, harvested from the bottom of a lake out west, were about to arrive at Roger Linnells  sawmill on the Channel Highway.  We hotfooted around there in time to see Roger pushing said logs off the truck.  It is intended that this wood be used for the construction of a traditional Dutch boat by a team of traditional Dutchmen at the Wooden Boat Centre,  and that the boat will then be displayed at the Festival.

It was great to see old friend of the LBT and life member Roger up and about, having largely recovered from the stroke he suffered last year.   What is also good news for the LBT is that Dave Golding and Hayden Abbott are taking over the running of his mill. so it is not simply going to disappear.