LBT subcommittees

posted Oct 14, 2021, 3:42 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 16, 2021, 12:35 AM ]
In order to oversee the many activities of the LBT responsibilities are divided across various subcommittees.  These are:
  • Executive: Peter Laidlaw, Richard Forster, Rod Macfarlan;
  • Finance: Rod Macfarlan, Andy Ritchie;
  • Grants, Fund Raising: Andy Ritchie, Michelle Crawford;
  • Events: Endra O'May, Jane Johnson, Peter Laidlaw, Michelle Crawford;
  • Nancy: Richard Forster, Andy Ritchie, Martin Riddle, Michelle Crawford;
  • OHS: Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck, David Pittaway;
  • Shed Futures: Rod Macfarlan, Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck, Martin Riddle, Andy Ritchie;
  • Tuesday and other shed work groups: Peter Laidlaw, Endra O'May;
  • Rowing: Mike Hewitt, Barb Dawson (seconded), Dennis Muscovich  (seconded)
  • Communications: Richard Forster, Rod Macfarlan, Michelle Crawford;
  • Sailing: Peter Laidlaw, Endra O'May;
  • Fleet Management: Peter Laidlaw, David Pittaway;
  • Foreshore Management: Richard Forster, David Pittaway;
  • Tawe Nunnugah (Expeditions): Martin Riddle, Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck, Endra O'May, Peter Laidlaw.

Most of the names this list come from the committee, however it might just be true (ahem) that not all knowledge resides with them, or work is done be them, and the intention is that ordinary members be involved.  If you are particularly interested then contact one of those names above, or the secretary (  If you are not interested duck: we may already have you in our sights. For more about the committee see