LBT Members Standing Out in the Crowd

posted Aug 20, 2017, 3:08 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Aug 20, 2017, 3:26 PM ]

It is time to be noticed!  All the old blue LBT t-shirts have been sold.  It’s time for a new brighter, sharper image.  

 Here is our new LBT/WoW outfit, useful for all boating occasions, especially regattas, boat launches, shows and exhibitions, visits to other boating groups and general messing about in boats.  

 The material is an easy care, no iron 60% cotton, 40% cool dry  with ‘go faster’ strips on the sleeves, night time reflectors on the body and a breathable section under the armpit.  It comes in short sleeves and long sleeves.  Shirts will have the LBT logo on top right and WoW members can sew on the WoW logo on the left sleeve.  

 The cost of the shirt will be about $32.  To ensure you get exactly what you want in size and sleeve length pre-ordering is strongly advisable.  Women’s sizes are 8-18, men's S to 4XL.  No deposit or payment is required at this stage.  

 An orange cap with the logo at the front or the existing LBT cream hat will top off the outfit.  

 Orders are going in at the end of August and only more popular sizes will be ordered unless you pre-order.  So if you want something bigger or smaller let Chris know.  The male shirt is slightly different with more go faster stripes and is only available in the short sleeve. 

Email your order to: 

 Huge thanks to the work of our group the Style Sisters for sourcing this outfit!