LBT members at large column

posted Feb 27, 2016, 2:28 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Feb 28, 2016, 3:27 AM ]
Mike Dredge, who is working in New Caledonia, writes:

'Just into Noumea after 2 weeks' worth of (night time) scallop surveys.  Bloody near killed me, I'm not used to heavy nocturnal activities these days.  Working in the Grande Lagon, northern end of New Caledonia - Google Earth will show the place.  Survey went well (we only destroyed one net) and found good commercial concentrations of scallops and very little bycatch to worry about.

 Talk about sublime to ridiculous.  The boat we used (which was steamed to Fremantle to here last month for the survey and follow-up fishing operations) is a bit bigger than the Grebes - about $24 m worth.  Bloody huge, which suited me just fine.  Got a 10 day window of good weather between two cyclone systems, so all good.'