Jane's lockdown project

posted May 8, 2020, 4:10 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated May 8, 2020, 4:10 AM ]
Jane Johnson is working on a home project that may be of interest to future Living Boat Trust members. While based in a real part of Franklin’s history, an apple-picker’s cabin, she is recording the evolution of St Ayles Skiffs in Australia. Jane said “Quite often long periods of time pass and the facts become hazy or get forgotten. My aim is to provide the Living Boat Trust with a comprehensive record. Having competed in the third World Championships in Stranraer, Scotland, in July 2019, it was great to be part of the camaraderie that has evolved through community rowing.”

A film was being produced at the championships to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of St Ayles Skiffs throughout the world. Jane added “When the film is released it will be important to have a visual record of how this small seed sown in 2009 has grown to have such a positive impact worldwide. To think that the small town of Franklin began the movement in Australia in 2012 with the launch of “Imagine” and now there are hundreds of people involved in the states of Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, with a likely further spread in the future. There are so many benefits based on the ability to explore and enjoy local waterways”.

The Living Boat Trust record will detail the beginnings in 2011, with a successful grant application received from the Health Department, to 2020, and Jane is aiming to have the book released by the end of the year. “Having plenty of spare time with the present state of isolation and social distancing means there is the ability to provide a comprehensive record that may be of interest to Living Boat Trust members of the past, present and future.”

It is good to have positive stories, and the evolution of St Ayles Skiff rowing is certainly one of those.