Imagine goes to Cygnet

posted Nov 12, 2013, 6:36 PM by Richard Forster   [ updated Nov 13, 2013, 1:27 PM by Unknown user ]
Last Friday WOW rowed Imagine to Cygnet - story from Jane Johnson below.  Yesterday (Tuesday 12) some WOW members were interviewed at Cygnet for the '7.30' report - watch out for it on Friday evenings. 

An overcast, cold November day in the Huon saw the St Ayles Skiff crew on “Imagine” head off for the 30km voyage into Port Cygnet.  On board were the “Women On Water” members who had also been the builders of the skiff. The “jabble”(wild water) that started around the Port Huon fish farms, was well controlled as the crew aimed for the destination half-way point at Petcheys Bay for a quick crew change. Bullock and Brabazon Points were rounded and the safe, quiet waters of Petcheys Bay were a welcome sight for the changeover. The new rowers headed into worsening weather with turbulent swells and rain, but undeterred, manoeuvred around Beaupre Point before heading into the relative safety of Drip Beach.  There, some of the Cygnet community members boarded to complete the final leg of the five-hour journey into the Cygnet Sailing Club. A new St Ayles Skiff is being built in Cygnet and community members are looking forward to a week of trying out  Franklin’s “Imagine”.  

It was a memorable trip for all, with new crews set to row back to Franklin next week. “Imagine” will then be available for teaching Franklin Primary School children “On the Water” skills.  

Rowing is part of the heritage of the Huon, so it was great to have a heritage boat, the 1923-built King Billy Pine  “Gemma” owned and skippered by John Walduck, along doing safety duties.  Thanks John. 

St Ayles Skiff  Imagine arriving at Cygnet with Gemma

 (Picture from Annette Cauchi)