Hazara Community visit to LBT and Apple Picking Day

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A gloriously sunny and calm Saturday greeted a group of former refugees who are now living in Hobart as they arrived at the LBT. This is the third year the LBT has hosted this group - a convoy of 15 cars thanks to the contacts and lots of coordination by Yabbo Thompson.
The family groups were welcomed with refreshments - a big thanks to Tess for her cake, Jilly for turning Deb's dodgy dough into cookies, and Jane A. for the mercy dash to replenish the tea and coffee supplies.
The group tried out rowing and boating on the river - a huge thanks to Nell, Tess and Esi for skippering about 5 trips each on the Grebes, Martin and Deb for a similar number of Nancy trips, and Yabbo and Abdullah organising the crews. The payments for using the boats raised $250 for the LBT.  A real highlight this year was some older women trying out rowing for the first time! 
People waiting for a turn on the boats made a side trip up to Martin and Deb's place to pick Golden Delicious and Fuji apples, and to meet Frank the cat.
A delicious shared picnic lunch was enjoyed on the lawns outside the LBT and Wooden Boat Centre, including a huge pot of tasty soup, chicken and rice, salad and handmade breads and fritters - with thanks to Jilly and Jane A. for helping in the shed and kitchen to warm the dishes, etc., and a special thanks to Tess for finishing the tidy-up after lunch.
The next highlight was a drive down to Castle Forbes Bay to the orchard of Richard and Lorna Clauson. A generous thanks to this family-run orchard, as the group got to taste and pick lots of Jonagold and Braeburn apples, enjoy the views, and even visit some pigs!
It was a day thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.  

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Apr 23, 2018, 2:42 AM