Hans Across the Sea (crewed by Nell of course)

posted Jun 18, 2016, 4:13 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Jun 18, 2016, 4:15 PM ]

Continuing their study tour of the Great Pontoons of Western Europe, Hans and Nell write......... write

From Hans

We had a great sail across the Channel. Dodged lots of ships and sneaked into Calais to tie up on a mooring. Couldn't raise  them on the radio or phone so either they're on strike or they're watching the European cup (football).We will probably just spend the night here since the lock does not open until 22.30, when we will be soundly asleep.
Tomorrow to Dunkerque by sea and then we will step ashore on French soil and go and eat some moules et frites.

From Nell 

Hi family and friends. We have arrived in France and are moored up to a mooring buoy outside the Calais marina. It was a good crossing in reasonable weather but always dodging large ships and ferries.
Can't get ashore here so assuming we get to Dunkirk tomorrow I'll be able to set foot onto French soil for the first time ever. 
Here in Calais we're probably illegal immigrants cos we tried to call port control but got no answer. Came in anyway cos there was nothing else to do. No one has accosted us yet and probably won't - seems true what they said in Dover - Calais is closed.

Hope to soon get a European Sim card and will be able to be in touch more often.
Still to find out whether a Belgian one will work in Holland.  
Summer hasn't started here yet. Layers of clothes and coats today.
For anyone who doesn't know yet you can follow our travels at: 


Connects to my FB too.
Now the main part of the holiday begins. Would love to hear from Tassie people too to hear the latest.
Love and best wishes to all. Nell n Hans.