Girl Guides on the water

posted Nov 20, 2014, 12:42 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 20, 2014, 12:43 PM ]
From Ros Barnett: 

'Girl Guides came to the Living Boat Trust this week for an after school adventure. With the four tallest girls in the St Ayles skiff Imagine, three groups in Grebe dinghies, and a few tiny tots in Rowan with the safety crew, we set off to explore the Huon River and the Egg Islands Canal. There was such a lot to learn. In our boat we talked about all the forces that were moving the boat; the river flowing out to the sea, the tide coming in, the light breeze, and the oars dipping in the water and pushing against it.  

“What is a canal?” I’ve never been asked that before, but it is an obvious question. My explanation gave me a fine opportunity to talk about the early settlers of the valley, and why the canal was useful to them. We talked about birds and snakes, boats and buoys, schools and friendships. Mostly we rowed and sang songs, and we had a laugh despite the fine rain and our wet bottoms.  

The parent who accompanied our group helped out with the rowing and said it was the first time he had rowed in twenty years, although his day job is on the water in aquaculture. One of the guide leaders expressed an interest in joining the Women On Water group because she so enjoyed to experience, and there was much discussion of sending a team or two to the Swiftsure Regatta.  

I do hope we see more of the Huon Girl Guides on the water.'