Friends of the LBT at large column

posted Jul 1, 2017, 3:29 PM by Richard Forster   [ updated Jul 1, 2017, 5:01 PM by Posts Editor ]
Bert van Baar was here for summer supervising the building of the BM16M2 Dutch sailing dinghy for the Festival, and made many friends in the process.  He is back home now in the Netherlands, and writes:  

'Here we have summer, the kind you showed us in Franklin. Nice weather combined with a shower now and then.  At the College we are setting up for the expo, the exposition of all the new exam projects from this year, also the beautiful boat of Rens and Jeroen.
Next week I will send you some pictures of the boats.  We already prepare for the new class of boat builders for 2017-2019: 21 students next year for newcomers and 18 graduates that year that will finish their boats. So boat building is doing fine on the College.  In two weeks I will have my summer holiday and I plan to run a course in lapstrake boat building at the Batavia-Shipyard in the center of Holland. I have six students attending. We are going to build Adrian Deans 11'2" dinghy this time.  Joke is having lots of fun in our veggy garden: getting strawberries and all kinds of red fruit now. We had a small crop of broad beans and courgettes. She still remembers your garden with the big blue-tongue!  For myself I am refurbishing my big sailboat, she is on the hard right now. Working on new floors, new kitchenette, new dog-house (hard top) and a major paint job! I hope to have her finished next season. In m dreams I will sail her to Franklin and become a live-a-board there. There are already 3 friends who want to help me sail her down-under! 

Still cannot forget the wonderful time I had over in Franklin! Your hospitality is a wonderful memory to keep in mind for the next years to come. And the whole community of Franklin still occupies my mind!'