Franklin Wooden Boat Adventures - April Trial

posted May 9, 2018, 1:30 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated May 9, 2018, 1:30 AM ]

You may have seen the flurry of excitement from many tourists & locals over the past month, when they realised their good fortune at being able to take themselves afloat in a little Grebe from our fascinating fleet.

A few hearty LBT volunteers set up a couple of Grebes each day to entice passers-by to enjoy a unique experience upon our wonderful waterways, which naturally they raved about - as do we

Our collective thanks go to the Tues & Thurs men for keeping our little craft maintained so well & equipment at the ready

It was indeed an impressive effort from all who assisted in initiating & deliberating to get business plans & operations approvals through the bureaucracy of MAST & AMSA .... plus figure out how to arrange insurance .... & then quickly amass a working party to begin a month’s business trial

We collected revenue of $442 in $10 instalments - to be equally divided between the LBT – the WBC – & the FWBA, which is a trickle fund for the building of Adrian Dean’s Schooner   

A worthwhile exercise to see how to proceed in creating the business of coastal expeditions & courses ,,, & whatever anyone can dream up, to both gather momentum for the Schooner Project and enhance visibility of Franklin’s Working Waterfront.                           

Anyone is very welcome to become involved during the Winter’s planning – anticipating being set for relaunch when daylight saving begins.                                                                               

For info contact John Young, Peter Venning or Wunjo Stardust 0458405530