Details of Hazara Visit

From Deb Van Velsen:

Numbers - About 50+ Hazara-speaking Hobartians are interested in coming this Sunday 23rd April.  Yabbo will have firmer numbers on the day.

Weather - All of this will be weather dependent - various predictions show showers only at lunchtime, ranging to showers easing in afternoon and a bit of wind (10-15knots). Last time we put chairs outside and they picnicked outside. This time we will be ready with tables and chairs inside too.

History & things to note - This activity started years ago as a morning tea visit to the van Riddles. Two years ago the numbers got too big (and we didn't have many apples to pick), so we moved to the LBT, and offered a morning boating option, and Apple picking at Richard and Lorna's was the afternoon highlight. This was so enthusiastically taken up that we are doing it again.
In many ways this is a 'good news story', and some have asked if media and supportive outside groups can also come.  The community has said no to media.  Also, many do not want their photo taken.  This has always been an enjoyable, very low key event.  This year only more LBT members have been invited to join in the fun.  Yabbo and I will be carefully canvassing the group on their opinion of inviting other Huon valley community members in the future.

Timing - the plan is to leave Hobart at 10:30am and drive in convoy to LBT.  With such numbers (last time there were 11 cars), there is likely to be delays.
When they arrive, ask people to indicate what sort of boating they'd like to do, so decisions can be made on which boats are used and with which LBT people.  
Organise signup, payment and life jackets for boats.
Start boating while others can walk around the foreshore, have a cuppa etc.
Lunch when ready.
Drive in convoy to Richard and Lorna Clauson's orchard to pick some apples.
Group returns to Hobart.

Paperwork - To go on any boat, it is $5 per person, and last time a community member volunteered to do the passenger manifest, money collection and life jacket allocation, with an LBT person or two alongside assisting.

Nancy - the Brians might be skippering and crewing, to free up Martin I to be more in a 'host' role.  Or we could take turns.

Skiffs/Grebes/Whalers - How many boats and what sort will depend on the weather, how many LBT members join in on the day, etc. There was some talk also of a whaler going out too, so this could be rowing or sailing I guess. So I've cc-ed this email to a few key people involved in the various boats, but if I've missed anyone, my apologies and please forward it. It will be up to the group of skippers to decide if and how boating happens.

Last time there were good water conditions and it worked with 2 LBT people on a skiff with three community members.
Lorrie had the following recommendations about rowing:
I would suggest a min of two experienced people on each skiff if the conditions are good. We would need two good  LBT rowers and one LBT person on the tiller if not so perfect. The grebes are actually easier for beginners, they find being on a boat with less people easy and having the two oars we can allow one person to row on their own and that makes it very easy.

Tess had some great learnings from last time, so the community are already being reminded to wear sensible footwear, listen to the LBT members, and taking photos and dancing in the boats only on the OK of the cox/LBT member. :D

Food - I will bake enough sweet things for when they arrive/morning tea, but if people want to bring a plate/fruit, that will be welcome.
Last time the group self catered for lunch, reheating some things in the kitchen.  There was enough for the 5 LBT people to accept plates of food from the communal picnic.
This time, since we can't assume, Martin and I will be prepared with our own lunch, but will be flexible if there is enough food and hospitality is offered.

If you know of other LBT-ers coming, please forward this email to them.

Anything else? Any and all suggestions and comments are welcome.

A HUUUGE thanks in advance. 
Cheers Deb and Martin