Focus on Franklin Day One

posted Mar 29, 2014, 4:29 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 31, 2014, 4:28 AM ]
We are sure that there were lots of highlights about town, but we barely had time to register them we were so busy with our own.  Thanks to everybody who made the day a success.  Di and Ian from Pied Piper up to their ears in potatoes and peelings whilst they prepared for the curry were an unforgettable site.   The following photographs illustrate some of the activities at the LBT. 

Peter Cook, Maxine Oates and John Young, three of the eleven contestants for the Roger Harwood Trophy, prepare for the grueling dinghy race around Egg Island.   Maxine ultimately triumphed, convincingly leading the field home. 

Ninka and Peter Laidlaw in the Flying FIfteen set off after the leaders of the Rat Island Sailing Race.  Their quest failed: running into a mud bank didn't help. 

Congratulations to Sonya and Peter Cook whose Finn led the fleet home.

The kids cake stall was a big attraction. 

The brass players from the school band provided afternoon tea entertainment,

and Peter Manthorpe sang sea shanties for us later at dinner time. 

The curries, 200 of them, were sold out

to the assembled throng.

Proceedings wound up with a lit boat parade.  Liz Smith decorated Leatherwood with tea candles and paper lanterns for the event, 

and there were many other, and varied, participants.