Family fun day at the LBT

posted Oct 31, 2021, 3:29 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 31, 2021, 4:30 AM ]
Sunday was a reminder of how blessed we are in the Huon Valley – both with place and people. There we were beside the river on a mild spring day but with snow on the mountains to admire, and with a veritable feast of activities (and food) provided by those people to choose from. Paul Frost’s gorgeous model boats were launched to great acclaim, and Freyja was launched with Mary Lou Conway’s Bittern as the figurehead. Dennis Muscovich was so overcome with the Bittern’s aggressive potential that he was on the point of ramming it into the side of Yukon before being called off by more sober heads in his crew. Meanwhile back in the shed a youthful team of model boat makers were attempting to emulate Paul’s feats. Later in the afternoon these boats were put to the test – raced from pontoon to finishing line with varying success in a flukey breeze. Nancy was out taking joy rides, Terry Mead and band provided the music and the encore was Kerrawyn having her maiden excursion trip from Franklin with David Golding at the helm. The food, contributed by many, was wonderful and nourishing with yummy cakes and and biscuits to finish off with. A big thanks to all who came along and enjoyed the day, and to those who made it happen – especially Endra.

Lots of pics below, provided by Endra, Michelle Crawford and others.