Excursion to Kettering

posted Feb 11, 2020, 6:41 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Feb 11, 2020, 7:38 PM ]
As everybody knows, we live on the best sheltered waterway in Australia and last weekend a small LBT fleet was able to take full advantage of it.  First night was at Charlotte Cove, ideal in the prevailing south easterly wind and with the Scout Camp for accommodation on the shore.  Next day it was off to Kettering in a stiff breeze that had everybody skipping along and shortening sail.  We joined the Wooden Boat Rally there for one of the best curry dinners we have ever eaten, then the next day headed back to Charlotte's with the same scudding breeze, this time somewhat more behind us.  On Monday things quietened down, so there was time for contemplating the beauties of the lower Huon scenery as we made our way home.  Some pics from the Berringtons below.  If you are wondering why the only shot of Mick Hubbard's sharpie in one of it pulled up in the Cove, the reason is that it was so quick there was no chance of catching it in action! 

Thanks to the van Riddles for organisation, and to the Wooden Boat Guild for the Rally and that curry.