Elements of Shipboard Safety Training

posted Apr 12, 2015, 6:04 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Apr 12, 2015, 3:04 PM ]
Annette Cauchi writes: 

'On Thursday and Friday last week a contingent from the LBT took advantage of the skills and training grant from the Tasmanian Mens Shed Association. Peter L, Graham R, Celia, Endra and Annette travelled to Hobart to attend the Elements of Shipboard Safety course run by Seafood Training Tasmania.  

The course was in two parts. On the first day we learned about emergencies that can and frequently do happen on boats, and what to do in different situations such as collisions, grounding, foundering, capsize, person overboard and loss of control. (Question 1: What is the international general emergency signal at sea and what should you do if you hear it?) 

In the afternoon we spent nearly three hours in the lukewarm waters of Collegiate pool practising survival skills such as forming a huddle, swimming as a team, and how to deploy and handle life rafts. (Question 2: Under what circumstances should you abandon a vessel?) 

Day Two was held at The Lea fire training facility where we learned about types of fires, fuels, emergencies and how to respond in fire situations. (Question 3: What is the fire tetrahedron?) 

After a long morning of theory with occasional bursts of enthusiastic pyromania, we had some practical lessons in using a fire blanket, reel hoses, and various types of extinguishers. (Question 4: What are the categories of fire and what type of extinguisher should you use for each?) 

Overall it was a very worthwhile, informative and fun experience. Thanks to Graham Rankin for his initiative on recognising the need to upskill LBT volunteers and for his work on gaining the grant.  Thanks also to the Tasmanian Men's Shed Association and the Tasmanian Government for providing the funding.' 

 Pics from Annette Cauchi