Dinghy sailing: Monday afternoon

posted Dec 4, 2016, 1:45 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Dec 4, 2016, 1:46 PM ]
John Walduck writes: 

"MetEye is predicting about 12 knots westerly this afternoon, which will be OK, but quite turbulent on the river. Mike is away today, but I'm up for it.  I would like to have a short classroom session before going out, just to confirm things learned already, and to discuss "gybes" which we haven't done yet.   Start time will be 3.30 as usual." 

Mike Dredge tenders his apologies: 

'Bit of a challenge for me I'm afraid.  I'm currently sitting on my bottom in a Noumea hotel, writing up a summary of a scallop survey I've been looking after for the past week and a half.  Photographic proof attached.  I'm supposed to give a summary of survey results to the Northern Province government on Thursday, home on Friday, by which time I'll be bloody glad to be back.  If you ever get the urge to come here, rob a bank first.  Unbelievably expensive, I'm very glad I'm not paying.'