Deploying the Pontoons

posted Nov 6, 2016, 12:03 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Nov 6, 2016, 12:05 PM ]

Last Wednesday Jennifer Mudge and Chris Price from Parks did a foreshore walk with Hans Sipsma, David Pittaway, Richard Forster and others to look at the options for pontoon deployment proposed by the LBT.  The following key points emerged. 

  • They were generally supportive, seeing the foreshore, particularly between the downstream marina jetty and the evaporator sheds, as a ‘natural’ harbour. 

  • There is no immediate issue with driving poles to secure pontoons. 

  • The access to the proposed site next to the evaporators is adequate. 

  • The LBT should proceed with the proposal to take over the license for the land just downstream from the their shed in order to gain better access to the water there.  That would enhance the prospects of putting a pontoon near to the existing sand boat ramp. 

  • They are not concerned and do not need to be consulted if the LBT ties off pontoons on the existing Wooden Boat Centre wharves, unless they require substantial permanent  anchors. 

  • They would be concerned if the LBT dug into the bank immediately outside the shed to put a pontoon there.  The issues are both the disturbance to the bank and the close proximity of the marina jetties. 

  • The LBT should finalise its plans and submit them as soon as possible.  

  • Parks represent the Crown, so once they give approval next stop is the council. 

For more discussion about this topic see the slideshow at