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Club Membership

Candidate for club membership

I came across the ideal candidate for membership of the Living Boat Trust while looking at websites on historic water craft in Vietnam, which was compiled by the Remote Area Conflict Information Centre in the USA. Here is the profile.

“On one occasion, project personnel were departing port in a [two-masted junk of about 12m length and 4m beam], through a very restricted waterway with a tricky breeze and currents, among many other junks at anchor and underway. After travelling about a hundred yards the man at the tiller left his station without a word and went forward for some reason. A small girl of about six or seven years immediately stepped over and took the tiller, manoeuvring the boat out of the harbour and into the open sea with a degree of skill that would have done credit to any boat handler. She did this without once interrupting a heated conversation she was having with her younger brother who was himself about three years old.”

The report notes that these boats are “frequently used as a family home and more often than not crews will include women. In fact, a number of these boats are owned and commanded by women. It strikes an American observer as unusual to see a woman hold a nursing child in one arm while she sails the junk with the other. Children who are born and grow up on such craft become eminently skilful sailors at a very early age.”