Classic movies night, December 4th

posted Nov 27, 2016, 1:28 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Nov 27, 2016, 1:28 PM ]
Deb and the classic movies team write:

To kick start the Christmas festivities we are screening the 2013 Mexican box office smash hit, The Noble Family

Warning: The Noble Family is sub-titled, so pack your glasses. 
Three spoiled children who are cut off from their family fortune and forced to do the unthinkable - get a job. (Courtesy IMDb). 
The Noble Family is rated M (for some sexual content and coarse language). 
5 reasons why you should head on down to the Franklin Palais Sunday 4 December 2016. 
1: Rotten Tomatoes rates this film 4+ Stars. Unbelievable but it is true!!!!!! 
2: The Noble Family is Mexico’s biggest ever box-office comedy success! 
3: Don’t believe me, then check out the you tube trailer. 
4: Opportunity to inflict/perfect your signature “Christmas dish” ….. Rum (infused) balls, mince pies and the artery clogging “White Christmas” slice. 
5: A quality prize will be awarded for the most festive adorned supper dish. This will be judged on looks alone. 
You know the drill by heart now. 
Rummage through your wardrobe and drag out those embarrassing flashing Christmas earrings, reindeer antlers and Christmas stocking hats, drag along a friend or anything with a pulse. 
Sunday 4th December, at the Franklin Palais. Doors open 6.30pm, movie starts when someone flicks the lights…. After 7.15pm but before 7.30pm
This is a $5 entry film….but it will be worth it. 
Bar will be running so we can wish everyone Happy Christmas over a glass of fizzy, red, white, beer, cider, tea, coffee & milky milo. 
Please bring a Christmas flair plate (with something on it) to share for supper during the intermission. Rum sparkly balls, Minced tinsel Pies, Egg Mayo sandwiches with just a hint of holly etc.