Christmas at the LBT

posted Dec 17, 2013, 10:08 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 19, 2013, 1:11 PM ]
Say what you like about the LBT, we certainly know how to enjoy ourselves at this time of year. 

Over the weekend there were two expeditions to Brooks Bay.  On Saturday a mixed fleet belted down there before a boisterous nor'wester and an outgoing tide.  The crews spent the night in Tony and Kathy Smith's wonderful old packing shed, which is almost more in the water than beside it.  We went to bed with a good stretch of sand in front of us, but were awoken in the early hours by the sound of gurgling water and the knocking of the mast of a Grebe against the wall -  the tide had come in.  On Sunday the promised south westerly change failed to materialise, so the return trip, against both wind and tide, was considerably more arduous than the outward one and involved (ahem) some towing. Martin Kell provided the final excitement of the expedition by getting flattened in Castle Forbes Bay, necessitating a 'rescue at sea'. 

Just to show that it could be done, WOW rowed Imagine both to and from Brooks Bay on the Sunday.  We of lesser mettle are in awe. 

Then on Monday night we all relaxed at the Christmas party, enjoyed over good food and numerous bottles, in the best company and with the dulcet tones of the LBT Chorale in the air. 

Season's Greetings everybody, and a Yo, Ho, Ho from Long John Santa.

Photos from Bob Hawkins and Endra O'May 

The shed at Brooks Bay 

Christmas Party