Cartela going on the slip

posted Jul 30, 2013, 6:39 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 31, 2013, 4:13 AM ]
Ross James of the Cartela consortium writes:
'Are you able to mention to the Living Boat Trust volunteers that Cartela will be on the Domain number one slip (below the Hobart cenotaph) from the 10th of October to the 18th?  If any are interested in getting a close look at Cartela out of the water this would be a good time.  Of course we will have a few spare paint brushes and rollers around if they want to get ‘up close and personal’ .

This slipping is the first occasion where the bill is being picked up by the SteamShip Cartela Trust courtesy of a one off grant from the state government.  Anything that reduced the cost of the slipping (painting) allows just a little more work from the shipwright to ensure that we have the time to organise the full restoration. 

As a ‘carrot’ when Cartela departs from Hobart for Franklin to begin the restoration soon after the slipping we will raffle 2 or more ‘crew’ positions to those who helped, on board for the trip south from Hobart to Franklin.  I hope that this trip will be a major media event with a few pollies and tv cameras as well but that will need further discussion with MAST.

I will need any names of interested volunteers in advance to ensure that we have the appropriate cover in place. ' 

 Contact for Ross is

 There is a nice Cartela article in the latest (August-September) RACT Journeys  magazine.