Can you help save the LBT money by lending equipment for the tn17 Raid?

posted Nov 17, 2016, 4:07 PM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Nov 17, 2016, 7:45 PM by Posts Editor ]
To save the Living Boat Trust the cost of hiring or buying some of the equipment necessary to support the tn17 expeditions we are putting the call out to all LBT members to see if we can borrow the following items: 

 1. Generators – preferably quiet ones that will not spoil the tranquillity of the lovely camp sites we are visiting.

 2. Large eskies or even portable refrigerators – we have the food trailer but we need to separate drinks from the food so we don’t risk food poisoning through repeated opening of the food storage fridge to get another drink.

 3. Large 1000 litre/1m3 water container (see below) – to save the sore backs that we’ve risked in the past through using multiple 20-30 litre water containers.

 4. Tents, airbeds, sleeping bags etc and life jackets/PDFs for visitors – we have many overseas visitors coming and some will struggle to bring their own camping equipment or PDFs with them – anything you can offer would be appreciated.

 5. VHF radios – the LBT has several of these but because so many people are coming to do the Raids without their own boats we have increased the size of the LBT-managed fleet for the Raids. If you can lend us a handheld VHF radio for one of the LBT-managed vessels it will save us having to buy more. 

 6. Fast response safety boats – ideally a 16-18 foot Inflatable Rubber Boat (IRB) or Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) – we have some safety boats already lined up but increasing the pool of safety boats would help. 

  If you can assist with any of the items listed above, or have something else to offer that we haven’t thought of, please contact the tn17 Raid Coordinator on:

  Remember, if there’s anything you want or anything you can offer, please use our Info Exchange tool – it was set-up to help people help each other with their preparations for the tn17 Raids and is available on the tn17 web-site at: