Boot and Boat Sale kicks goals

posted Oct 27, 2013, 8:47 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 31, 2013, 4:45 AM ]
 The highlights at the Sunday LBT 'Boot and Boat' market were too numerous to mention, but we'll try.
  •  Steve and Kath Campbell's publicity campaign, both terrestial (signage everywhere) and virtual (Facebook, Gumtree) was wall to wall. We are in oar (yuck, yuck) 
  •  Dennis and Parge's LBT stall, was the big money spinner of the day.  Well done guys. 
  •  Ros Barnett's food and drink, provided with the able assistance of Graham, Jennifer, Hans and Nell, was in constant demand. 
  •  Ticket books were rapidly emptied by Peter Hill as the eager punters staked a chance on winning Dr Dick's rowing skiff. 
  • There were seagull motors everywhere, with Gary Pritchard and Steve demonstrated just how noisy they are. 
  •  An eclectic range of boats for sale graced the front of the shed. 
  • Happy customers snapped up the bargains. 
  • Ears were bent as boating enthusiasts of all persuasions exchanged tips and ideas. 
  • A group from the Spring Bay community shed, very similar to ours, came down for a visit.  We'll be cooperating with them in future.

Thanks to everybody who helped out.  You'll be pleased to know it was worth it in the monetary as well as the social sense.