'Billie' off to Geelong

posted Jan 29, 2016, 9:47 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Jan 30, 2016, 3:09 AM ]
Yesterday we received the following news from John Synnott. 

'Sponsorship; Living Boat Trust - Geelong Wooden Boat Festival 12th - 14th March 2016 

The Board of Huon Valley Financial Services Ltd (HVFSL) and its franchisees the Huon Valley Community Bank branches have considered your recent sponsorship application. The Directors of HVFSL are pleased to advise that we have approved sponsorship funding to the value of $1200.00 (twelve hundred dollars) to assist the Living Boat Trust with its participation and transportation of the St Ayles Skiff to the Geelong Wooden Boat Festival on the 12th - 14th March 2016.' 

This is fantastic news.  As most readers of this column would be aware, when our 'Women on the Water' built and started using 'Imagine'  they released the community rowing genie from the bottle, first here in Tasmania and then in the rest of Australasia.  The Skiff regatta  which is to be held in Geelong in conjunction with the Wooden Boat Festival is the first on the Big Island, and it is highly appropriate that we be represented.  Huon Valley Community Bank have already sponsored the building of 'Billie' and the purchase of a trailer for her, and now they are helping us to show her off.  Thank you. 

Those who would like to join the team going to Geelong should contact Lorrie Harrison (w.lharrison@bigpond.com), Richard Forster (sec@lbt.org.au) or Marguerite Porte.  To find out more see http://bit.ly/1Pa35bv or read the press release: http://bit.ly/1Yo5foE