Belgian Canal Capers

posted Jul 5, 2016, 4:40 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Jul 5, 2016, 4:41 PM ]

From Hans and Nell, from an inner city mooring in Ghent, Belgium......

We ate our moules in Dunkirk, sailing along the coast from Calais. Into the canals and Belgium the back way, heading for Ypres and the memorials of the great war, just because they were there and our interest in world wars had been awakened at Dover Castle and operation Dynamo, the evacuation at Dunkirk. Different wars but hey...

Ypres and the surrounding region was completely devastated, a huge, muddy wasteland, but when the locals were asked whether they wanted a modern city they unanimously opted for a complete restoration of their familiar home. Truly a wonder to behold today.
On to Bruges, a medieval jewel and city of art, lace and chocolate. We took a boat ride through the city as ours was not allowed in.
Also a train ride to Brussels for Nell to vote at the embassy.

Now we're in Gent and only a day away from Holland. The canals are getting busy with huge barges. Gent to Terneuzen in Holland is one of the busiest in Europe, should be interesting. Due to commercial traffic it is complicated navigating the canals here, with lots of rules and almost every section having different set times, vhf or phone numbers for the locks and opening bridges.

A couple of extra photos.....

1.  hundreds of Belgian beers. 
2.  Grand Place, Brussels.