Attention model boat enthusiasts

posted May 2, 2020, 12:08 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated May 2, 2020, 12:08 AM ]
Tony Wilson has sent us the following message.

'Restore 1930’s Huon Pine Model Yacht – “The Quest” 

The Quest is a scale model of a particular class of yachts racing in the 1930’s and this model was built and raced by Carl Wilson as a member of the Port Cygnet Model Yacht Club (PCMYC). The Huon and Derwent Times report of the last race of the 1934 season and a photo of the Quest under full sale is attached.

The Quest was recovered from storage in Carl’s apple shed some years ago and has been at rest in my garden shed waiting to be restored. The length of hull is approximately 1300mm and the beam 450mm and the mast nearly 3metres so it takes up some space when fully rigged. The tip of the lead keel to the deck level is 800mm. There are also some remnants of the rigging and sail. 

This may be just a small piece of boating history in the Huon of which the Wilson family has played a significant role but does it raise enough interest for someone to restore it and perhaps retain it on display somewhere in the district? If so, you may wish to contact Tony Wilson at and find any more details or arrange to collect the Quest in the near future. '  

See supplied pics and race report below.