Americana Evening, January 14th

posted Dec 21, 2018, 5:26 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Dec 21, 2018, 5:41 PM ]
The theme country for the Wooden Boat Festival this year is the US of A.  We in Franklin are heavily involved, with a couple of classic American dinghies being built over at the Wooden Boat Centre and various luminaries visiting.  Among the latter is Kaci Cronkhite, well known boating journalist and author of 'Finding Pax: the unexpected journey of a little wooden boat: 1'.  Kaci will be presenting at the WBC on January 14th prior to Monday dinner, which will be cooked by the American boat building team who know how to wield a spatula as well as a chisel.  How is that for a double header?  This is a fund raising evening for the Homecoming Regatta, so we a planning a slightly higher charge, instead of the usual $12 for members.  

For those who want to know more about the book here is a description from Amazon. 

'In 1936, on the island Denmark where the oldest oak tree in Europe grows, a lone boat builder nicknamed the perfectionist crafted a boat with his hands. 70 years later in Port Townsend, Washington just minutes after a near catastrophe was averted in the marina outside her office window a woman opened an email. A Danish spidsgatter named Pax was for sale in Victoria, British Columbia. Around-the-world sailor, writer, and traveler Kaci Cronkhite knew better than to buy a wooden boat. But in 2007 smitten by the buxom curves of Pax and inspired by a life in the wind she did. The mystery of the journey that brought the two together became a quest that connected families in three countries with history that had been lost. What Kaci didn't know - what no one knew -was where and how far Pax had journeyed, what she survived those seven decades and what those who loved her would always remember.'