AGM and Quiz Night

posted Aug 31, 2014, 7:46 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 1, 2014, 3:39 PM ]
Speeches were given, reports accepted and the assembled masses appointed the following to the committee for the coming year:
  • Peter Laidlaw (President);
  • Richard Forster (Treasurer/Secretary); 
  • Ros Barnett;
  • Endra O'May;
  • Rob Brocksopp;
  • David Budd; 
  • Graham Rankin;
  • Tony Cooper; 
  • Hans Sipsma. 

2013-14 was by most measures a very successful year for the LBT and Peter thanked the outgoing committee for their efforts.  The President's report will be available in the 2014 folder shortly (see  Read it whilst it is still freely available.  it will go behind a paywall as soon as 'The wit and wisdom of Peter Laidlaw' is published. 

Having got all that meeting stuff out of the way David Pittaway called us to order and conducted a quiz and model boat shed making competition.  The 'Not so Ancient Mariners' triumphed in the first of these exercises (awarded an excursion on the Nancy), and 'Parge's Vikings' won the second.  Thanks to Ros Barnett, who fed us, and David who, as always, put together a very challenging set of questions.