Activities in the Workshop

posted Jul 25, 2015, 11:15 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Jul 25, 2015, 11:37 PM ]
From Graham Wright:  

'It's getting busy in the workshop especially as the extension work is beginning. The Tuesday and Skiff groups are going to work together on maintenance but on their respective days. This has a bonus as the workshop will continue to be open to the public a least four days a week. Between us we have 1 Grebe to finish and 3 more to do an annual maintenance, Rowan to be done in the middle of August and of course the weekly checks and maintenance on Nancy. That is no challenge at all to the workshop crews so lets build an enclosed extension with two extra toilets!  

The plumber is due any day now to measure up the equal access toilet so we need to clear the area where the oars are stored. We have moved the usable and the new ones under construction next the rigs for the Grebes and singles and broken ones on the roof of the toilet/kitchen. We need to move the grey shelf unit, the lathe, two work benches the mammoth band saw about a half metre towards the river. This includes lots of loose gear all around the area most of which doesn't seem applicable to a boat shed and some absolute rubbish. The nuts, bolts, screws and fittings have been boxed up and put under the power tool bench.  

To get this done we had to tidy up the rest of the workshop such as stack up the chairs in one area which were all over the place. A suggestion for the Monday evening working bee would be to go through the whole place and get rid of the rubbish. I suspect there is a lot of unsold boot sale stuff around the place such as golf balls, broken phones and a cassette of 'Italian for Travellers' could this also be sorted as we will be desperate for space in the next couple of months, the tip shop would be a good alternative. I believe there has been a change of plan regarding the shipping container but to cart rubbish to it and back later is in my mind is non productive.  

Another problem causing space problems is members (or others) personal property which maybe has been lent to LBT and not picked up, this is taking up valuable space and requiring the volunteers to keep moving it around. During the next couple of months we still need the workshop to be functioning as the fleet of Grebes, Nancy and Rowan need to be in good condition for the coming Spring and Summer.  

If we all work together for the next few weeks it will be a rewarding time for all members leading in to the warmer weather.'