Academy Award winner at the Palais March 1st

posted Feb 16, 2020, 12:40 PM by Posts Editor
We learnt this from Franklin Palais Events.  Yes, it is 'Parasite' which has just won the Oscar for best picture for 2019.  Read all about it on Rotten Tomatoes:

Sunday 1st March at the Franklin Palais. 
Doors open 6.30pm. 
Film starts after 7.15pm but before 7.30pm. 
$5 for an introduction to the future. (Or now, really). 
The Palais Collective Shop will be open in the Foyer before the movie for crafts and gifts. 
Libations from the Bar include stimulants, depressants and comfort drinks. 
Please bring a plate of food to share for supper during the intermission. 

Vote for Parasite.   Is it Better than Citizen Kane  - er - Loving Vincent?