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Farewell old LBT website

posted Oct 31, 2021, 1:15 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 31, 2021, 1:15 PM ]

You have been faithful to us and we to you, but we must move on to livingboattrust.org.au.  Hopefully the next newsletter will be generated from there.


Cruise with the Wooden Boat Guild

posted Oct 31, 2021, 4:16 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 31, 2021, 12:58 PM ]

Date: Sunday November 21;
Time: 10.30 am (depart Franklin);
Destination: Huonville .
For more details see the flyer below (https://tinyurl.com/se95x23e). Note the need for an RSVP if you want to participate in the BBQ lunch.

Family fun day at the LBT

posted Oct 31, 2021, 3:29 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 31, 2021, 4:30 AM ]

Sunday was a reminder of how blessed we are in the Huon Valley – both with place and people. There we were beside the river on a mild spring day but with snow on the mountains to admire, and with a veritable feast of activities (and food) provided by those people to choose from. Paul Frost’s gorgeous model boats were launched to great acclaim, and Freyja was launched with Mary Lou Conway’s Bittern as the figurehead. Dennis Muscovich was so overcome with the Bittern’s aggressive potential that he was on the point of ramming it into the side of Yukon before being called off by more sober heads in his crew. Meanwhile back in the shed a youthful team of model boat makers were attempting to emulate Paul’s feats. Later in the afternoon these boats were put to the test – raced from pontoon to finishing line with varying success in a flukey breeze. Nancy was out taking joy rides, Terry Mead and band provided the music and the encore was Kerrawyn having her maiden excursion trip from Franklin with David Golding at the helm. The food, contributed by many, was wonderful and nourishing with yummy cakes and and biscuits to finish off with. A big thanks to all who came along and enjoyed the day, and to those who made it happen – especially Endra.

Lots of pics below, provided by Endra, Michelle Crawford and others.

Five mile crew

posted Oct 31, 2021, 3:21 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 31, 2021, 3:21 AM ]

This Franklin St Ayles Skiff crew formed to compete in the Castle to Crane race last year, and, as reported in this column, did very, very well. There has been a beautiful video made about them: see https://youtu.be/qm95fB7Wd0Q .

YouTube Video

First day of On the Water Program

posted Oct 31, 2021, 3:17 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 31, 2021, 3:17 AM ]

The vagaries of Tasmanian weather mean that sometimes this becomes the ‘In the Shed’ program, but this year got off to the perfect start with blue skies and no wind. Those lovely new life jackets from the Australian Wooden Boat Festival were put to excellent use by students from Huonville primary learning the basics of rowing and managing small boats.

  Pic from Michelle Crawford

Friday evening rowing (Oct 29) called off

posted Oct 28, 2021, 5:19 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 28, 2021, 5:19 PM ]

Weather is against us.  We will reconvene next week.

Figurehead for Freyja

posted Oct 24, 2021, 2:57 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 28, 2021, 5:15 PM ]

Jane Johnson writes:

The LBT Open Day on October 31, 2021 aims to provide opportunities for “messing about with boats”, which this Sunday from 11am includes model boats, “Come and Try” and launching the first figurehead [for our boats]. 

The figurehead is for “Freyja” the third St Ayles Skiff built in Franklin in 2016 to celebrate community rowing. “Imagine” was the first skiff launched in Australia in 2012 and “Billie” followed suit in 2015. There are now 30 skiffs proposed for communities throughout Australia, and over 250 in the world, demonstrating that from little things, big things have grown. One important outcome is that more people are out ‘messing about in boats’. 

From medieval times a figurehead was one of the necessary, fascinating aspects of boatbuilding, a highlight that reinforced ancient shipbuilding and architectural techniques. A figurehead sometimes provided magical significance and frequently provided a recognisable feature, an identity for the vessel. Many people believed it gave protection to the vessel and crew and the choice of a figurehead was important. A swan represents grace and mobility and Cygnet skiffies have created an elegant and easily recognized St Ayles Skiff feature for their community. 

The Living Boat Trust now has its own representation of the spirit of a boat. Historically, the Bittern rowing group achieved a community grant through Westpac and chose the name as the bird resides in the Egg Island area. The Bittern figurehead is carved from Huon Pine by Mary-Lou Conway, a skilled woodworker with a veterinary, hence ornithological background. There was enthusiasm and patience with the first clay mould created, and many hours spent reinstating an ancient and creative feature of wooden boat-building. 

Dennis Muscovich instigated, supported and coordinated the project that will also see an eagle carved for “Imagine” and a profile of Billie the sheepdog attached to the skiff named in her honour. 

With this launch the LBT joins the Augusta community in WA with Pelican and Dolphin creations. Through carving a figurehead, each St Ayles Skiff will have a unique community spirit. 


posted Oct 24, 2021, 5:53 AM by Richard Forster   [ updated Oct 24, 2021, 5:55 AM ]

We are in the process of paying our insurances, which is a good time to remind ourselves of what we are covered for and what we are not. This has not changed in recent years, so what follows is simply a rehash of the same notice we have issued in the past – if you think you have seen it before you probably have. 

  • If you are a member participating in (not working for) an LBT activity such as rowing or sailing there is NO cover provided for you by the LBT. The way to think of it is that as a member using ‘your’ facilities (the shed, the boats) it is up to you to provide your own cover. The principal reason that the LBT does not provide personal accident cover for participants is financial: we would have have to put up membership rates to cover it, and this would be unfair to the many members who are good supporters but are infrequent users of our resources.
  • We DO provide voluntary workers insurance.  
  • This insurance is primarily intended for people doing work for the LBT, in the workshop or supervising events.
  • If you are in paid employment (outside the LBT) the insurance provides some cover for loss of income in the case of injury: up to $400 per week to a maximum of 104 weeks. 
  • If you are not in paid employment and are injured whilst working for the LBT you are entitled to some ‘home help’. 
  • In either of the above cases the LBT is NOT covered for any medical costs: all medical treatment must be claimed from Medicare or a private health provider. 
  • There is also a ‘capital’ benefit in the case of a permanent disablement or death to a maximum of $50,000. 
  • To see the details for this last, and for other information see the extended explanation provided by our insurance broker Grant Butters: http://bit.ly/2dv3Y3J  .

The LBT has various other insurances, not described here, including public liability, boat third party, the shed and management liability.  See http://bit.ly/2dafKOb for our insurance documentation.

Grant has provided a long explanation and tables with further details: see http://bit.ly/2dv3Y3J.

And for details of the 2021-22 insurances see https://tinyurl.com/yxwfwpev .

Only one week to Family Fun Day

posted Oct 23, 2021, 2:33 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 24, 2021, 2:52 PM ]

Yep, 31st of October is next Sunday. Here is a reminder of the planned activities. 

When:  11.00am – 3.00pm.  
Where:  the LBT shed and foreshore. 

Come along and enjoy:  

  • Paul Frost’s model boats;
  • sausage Sizzle and salad; 
  • scones jam and cream;
  • music with Terry Mead and David Pittaway;
  • mounting of new figure head for Freya carved by Mary Lou Conway (see attached: https://tinyurl.com/jjv6668y);
  • come and try rowing.

Please bring a salad or scones to share.  LBT will supply the meat for the BBQ. 
Drink available to buy. 
For more information phone Endra: 0412 168 552.

Race 1 McLaren series 31st October

posted Oct 23, 2021, 1:39 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 23, 2021, 1:40 PM ]

Port Huon and Cygnet Yacht clubs invite interested people to participate. See poster below.

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