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How to enter a new news item

  1. Go to the LBT website: lbt.org.au
  2. Login as user lbt@rforster.org
  3. Enter the password supplied by the secretary
  4. Navigate to the page with the news column which requires updating (for instance 'Nancy Fanciers', or TN17)
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the news column
  6. Identify the line which says something like Showing posts 1 - 15 of 31. View more »
  7. Click on 'View more'
  8. You are now looking at the news blog with a 'button' labelled  New Post  at the top.
  9. Use the suite of editing tools to create and then save the new news post.
  10. Sign out by clicking on the username (lbt@rforster.org) at the top right hand corner, then using the sign out option.