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Reference Info and pics for Syrah

Name of boat:Syrah
Owner of boat:Living Boat Trust
Designer:Iain Oughtred
Builder:Mike Seeney, Chris Burke, Living Boat Trust
Year built:2014
Place built:Franklin
Home port:Franklin
Hull type:Monohull
Construction:Clinker Ply
Timbers used - frames:Laminated Ply
Timber used - hull:Ply
Timber used - deck:N/A
Rig - dinghy:Gunter Sloop
LOA - Feet:15
LOA - Inches:1
LOD - Feet:15
LOD - Inches:1
LWL - Feet:14
LWL - Inches:0
Beam - Feet:5
Beam - Inches:1
Draught - Feet:1
Draught - Inches:0
Freeboard - Feet:1
Freeboard - Inches:6
Vessel type:Sailing Dinghy
Rig Style:Gunter Sloop
Description (to go with boat) 150 charsDesign based on Shetland working boats, but reworked to account for the needs of the modern recreational rower/sailor. Light but seaworthy day sailor.
Description (to go to AWBF)Eminent Tasmanian scientist, conservationist and activist Dr Louise Crossley commissioned Mike Seeney to build Syrah as a Raid boat and to launch from the beach near her house on Bruny Island. When Mike became too ill to continue the work he passed it on to Chris Burke. Louise herself then became ill, realised that she would not be able to sail any more and looked for a new home for Syrah. The Living Boat Trust became that home. One of Louise's requests was that Canteen (Cancer for Kids support) be given ready access to Syrah. Canteen have already made one visit to the Living Boat Trust, and we hope to see them more often. Louise died in July 2015