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'Syrah' was donated to the Living Boat Trust by Louise Crossley as a partially complete boat (see 'Women on the Water to the Rescue'), and was launched by Louise in November 2014.  Syrah is an Iain Oughtred designed 'Whilly Tern':

'This small double ender has Shetland working antecedents, but Iain has reworked the old designs to take account of the needs of the modern recreational rower and sailor. Iain explains it best as..'worked out to suit her purpose as well as possible, absorbing as much of the tradition as appropriate, without it being forced upon her.'
We think she will be an ideal boat for Raids and for sailing around Franklin.

Some notes on the building of Syrah.
Louise Crossley commissioned Mike Seeney to build Syrah as a Raid boat and to launch from the beach near her house on Bruny Island.  When Mike became too ill to continue the work he passed it on to Chris Burke.  Louise herself then became ill, realised that she would not be able to sail any more and looked for a new home for Syrah.  John Young suggested to her that the Living Boat Trust could be that home. One of Louise's requests was that Canteen (Cancer for Kids support) be given ready access to Syrah.   Canteen have already made one visit to the Living Boat Trust  (see http://bit.ly/1qnUc42), and now that Syrah is complete we hope they will come more often.

LOA: 4.62 m - 15' 1"
Beam: 1.55 m - 5' 1"
Sail Area:  8.82 sq m - 94.90 sqf
Weight: 72.00 kg - 158 lbs
Construction Time:  220 hours
Crew: 3

For more information see the AWBF entry.

  Photo from Nell Tyson

Louise Crossley at the launch of Syrah

John Young takes Louise Crossley for a row after the launch of Syrah.

Photos from Bob Hawkins