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Notes from meeting October 4

posted Oct 9, 2021, 1:11 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 9, 2021, 1:13 AM ]
Present: Brian Marriott, Brian Pain, Barbara Sharp, Endra O'May, Mark Adams, Andy Ritchie, Martin Riddle, Steve Wilson
Chair and notes: Richard Forster
  • Nancy to go in the shed 8th November
    • Need trailer cradle parts from Piet Laidlaw
    • Painting
      • Itemised quote received from Mark Adams: $1899.50
      • 23 sq m to be painted
      • Brian Marriott has contact for Norglass
      • Two pack v single pack. Speak to Jay Lorry, WBC, Jeremy, Dave Golding
      • Martin to organise a couple of quotes.
        • Get itemised quote for painting.
    • Martin to speak to John Driessen about belt tensioner.
    • Use of Evaporator Shed
      • Speak to evaporator team about terms.
      • Limited electricity.
      • Heat guns: need to be organised.
    • Paints will need lead time.
  • Meeting is generally in favour of commercial use of Nancy as proposed by Mark.
    • I would take her on three days per week on a permanent basis in order to create an income for myself, a regular income the LBT and have Nancy being ‘out on the river’ where she belongs :)
    • Most likely We’d/Thurs/fri, as I want to be my kids on the weekend.
    • I would take on all advertising for the venture.
    • I would suggest payment to the LBT would occur via a percentage of income rather than a set weekly fee.
    • I would, of course, still make myself available to skipper Nancy for other LBT events/passengers on other days as a volunteer.
    • Note: I have recently gained my Coxswains 1 ticket. The minimum ticket needed to take paying passengers on a boat in survey under 12mtrs.
    • I have spoken to some re the ethos and concerns around this idea and I’m only keen to get it up and running with a consensus blessing.

    Nancy needs training days so we have more skippers that can use boat recreationally.