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Minutes from Nancy Fanciers Meeting

posted Sep 6, 2021, 1:22 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Sep 30, 2021, 2:44 PM ]

At the Shed, 6th September 5pm

Present: Brian Pain, Martin Riddle, Andy Ritchie, Paul Frost, Glynn Shevels, Brian Marriott

Minutes: Richard Forster

  1. What work is required?

    1. Dynil sheathing.

      1. Small areas.

      2. Should be able to glue in patches easily.

    2. Painting above the waterline to the gunwhales.

      1. Paint is lifting. May have been a primer issue.

      2. Consider paint types.

      3. May need to pay somebody to do the job. Could spend some of the money donated by Judy Krynen.

        1. Mark Adams has experience and might be a good person to do the job

        2. Also Wooden Boat Centre.

      4. Use the trailer in the first instance.

        1. Consider using the Evaporator Sheds. Approach owners.

        2. Do a dry run at the ramp just with the trailer, preferably at low tide to see what is going on. Thursday meet at Shed at 2.30pm.

    3. Tensioner for drive belt.

      1. Need a design.

        1. Tension wheel

        2. Pivot the motor – some sort of pivot on the mounting plate.

        3. Get John Driesen to look at it.

        4. Andrew Perkins.

      2. Do we need toothed belts?

      3. Not immediately required.

    4. Paint the decks alongside the cabin.

      1. Can’t do a proper job until the decks are dry.

      2. Would be good to do whilst boat is in shed.

    5. Steering gear should have stops to prevent the rudder turning to far.

      1. Might be a job for the engineer to look at.

      2. Dealing with the bilge. Advice is to leave it unpainted.

  2. When do we get Nancy out of the water?

        1. November 8th 1.15pm is a good time

  3. Bilges.

    1. Have been blasted and vacuumed.

    2. Wash with fresh water – not salt.

    3. Planks probably oil soaked.

    4. Just keep cleaning them.

    5. Live with bare timbers.

  4. Cabin

    1. Has rot in at least 2 window frames.

    2. Need appropriate wood. Tuesday group, and Dennis can tackle.

  5. Decking.

    1. Lifting on the port side at the front. Would be easiest to do in the shed.

  6. Front window leaks

    1. Is ok when the cover is on.

    2. If it pivoted, sideways or out, could be sealed.

    3. Paint cabin sides at the same time.

  7. Blinds have been fixed, paid for by Judy Krynen.

  8. Seniors week.

    1. Need crews – will advertise.

    2. Involve Mark Adams, Steve Wilson.

  9. Log in the canal needs moving.

    1. Do it tomorrow (Tuesday).

Meeting closed 18.06PM