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Nancy News

Minutes from Nancy Fanciers Meeting

posted Sep 6, 2021, 1:22 AM by Posts Editor

At the Shed, 6th September 5pm

Present: Brian Pain, Martin Riddle, Andy Ritchie, Paul Frost, Glynn Shevels, Brian Marriott

Minutes: Richard Forster

  1. What work is required?

    1. Dynil sheathing.

      1. Small areas.

      2. Should be able to glue in patches easily.

    2. Painting above the waterline to the gunwhales.

      1. Paint is lifting. May have been a primer issue.

      2. Consider paint types.

      3. May need to pay somebody to do the job. Could spend some of the money donated by Judy Krynen.

        1. Mark Adams has experience and might be a good person to do the job

        2. Also Wooden Boat Centre.

      4. Use the trailer in the first instance.

        1. Consider using the Evaporator Sheds. Approach owners.

        2. Do a dry run at the ramp just with the trailer, preferably at low tide to see what is going on. Thursday meet at Shed at 2.30pm.

    3. Tensioner for drive belt.

      1. Need a design.

        1. Tension wheel

        2. Pivot the motor – some sort of pivot on the mounting plate.

        3. Get John Driesen to look at it.

        4. Andrew Perkins.

      2. Do we need toothed belts?

      3. Not immediately required.

    4. Paint the decks alongside the cabin.

      1. Can’t do a proper job until the decks are dry.

      2. Would be good to do whilst boat is in shed.

    5. Steering gear should have stops to prevent the rudder turning to far.

      1. Might be a job for the engineer to look at.

      2. Dealing with the bilge. Advice is to leave it unpainted.

  2. When do we get Nancy out of the water?

        1. November 8th 1.15pm is a good time

  3. Bilges.

    1. Have been blasted and vacuumed.

    2. Wash with fresh water – not salt.

    3. Planks probably oil soaked.

    4. Just keep cleaning them.

    5. Live with bare timbers.

  4. Cabin

    1. Has rot in at least 2 window frames.

    2. Need appropriate wood. Tuesday group, and Dennis can tackle.

  5. Decking.

    1. Lifting on the port side at the front. Would be easiest to do in the shed.

  6. Front window leaks

    1. Is ok when the cover is on.

    2. If it pivoted, sideways or out, could be sealed.

    3. Paint cabin sides at the same time.

  7. Blinds have been fixed, paid for by Judy Krynen.

  8. Seniors week.

    1. Need crews – will advertise.

    2. Involve Mark Adams, Steve Wilson.

  9. Log in the canal needs moving.

    1. Do it tomorrow (Tuesday).

Meeting closed 18.06PM

Nancy Fanciers Meeting Meeting 5pm Monday 6th

posted Sep 2, 2021, 11:59 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Sep 2, 2021, 12:02 PM ]

The recent inspection of Nancy down at the slip revealed a number of problems: paint getting shabby, sheathing coming away below the waterline, some rot in the woodwork etc.  Come along to this meeting at the Shed to plan  some maintenance.


posted Mar 2, 2021, 2:58 PM by Posts Editor

In response to a query about how we should be looking after our batteries our supplier Rod Dilkes sent the following information. 


Generally speaking Lithium batteries like to be used regularly. Regular charge and discharge cycles keep the batteries active and healthy. Prolonged (weeks) charging at 100% State of Charge (SOC) is not recommended. 

Care needs to be exercised when storing batteries in case equipment is accidentally left switched on, or in case the charger malfunctions or is inadvertently unplugged. Also the electronic Battery Control Unit (BCU) will over time gradually draw down the battery SOC. So if the batteries are left idle for a period the SOC may reduce until eventually the battery runs flat through self discharge. 

While the BCU has internal software and hardware protections against over-discharge, it is recommended to avoid this situation if at all possible. 

When storing batteries more than two weeks between use:

1) Switch on the BCU and charger and fully charge the battery. 

A 12V EV PowerPak should get past 14.0V to be considered fully charged. 

2) Switch off all loads and chargers, including solar chargers. If there is a main isolator then switch that off. 

3) Switch off the BCU by pressing the button on the front. There will be a click as the internal relay disengages. 

4) Mark on your calendar to repeat the process in three months.

5) Goto Step 1. 

If storing batteries for periods longer than 3 months, in addition to the previous instructions, disconnect the positive (red) terminal on each battery. This will disconnect power to the BCU and will allow batteries to be safely stored for 12 months or longer. 


EV PowerPak Lithium batteries are sealed and maintenance free. All they require is occasional charging to 100% full (14.2V) and regular use.

The following points should be condsidered for good lifespan:

1) Check that each cell has a green LED indicator showing. There are four on each pack and these are visible through the cover.

2) Check terminal bolts for tightness and corrosion. If there is corrosion use a wire brush to clean and some battery terminal spray to protect.

3) Check that there is not excessive dust moisture on the battery tops. This can be removed using a clean rag.

4) Check battery and BMS cables are not jammed between batteries or have insulation damage. 5) Check that the black BMS plug on top of each battery is correctly seated. If you look after your EV PowerPak batteries they will last you for many years! 

 Pic: Mr Sparks at work. 

Battery Issues

posted Feb 20, 2021, 1:47 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Feb 20, 2021, 1:50 PM ]

Meeting to discuss Nancy battery issues 18/2/21

Notes: Richard Forster

Present: Tom Stevens, Brian Marriott, Paul Frost, Brian Pain

  • Background

    • At the Open Day Nancy suddenly and unexpectedly lost power after less than an hour’s operation. After half an hour recharge she was able to go out, but after another half hour lost power again. After recharging overnight she would appear to be back to ‘normal’. This unexpected loss of power also happened a year ago on the way back from Kermandie.

    • Charger is adapted to lithium ion.

    • Batteries sold to us by a reputable dealer. Are six years old.

  • The problem

    • When the battery is kept on continuous charge, it isn’t charged when it said it is.

    • Battery runs out well before it is expected to.

    • This problem has occurred on multiple occasions.

    • There is no sure way of knowing how much charge is in the batteries unless they are fully charged or discharged. The voltage doesn’t tell you. Not knowing is a big issue.

    • Can batteries be bench tested?

    • If batteries are taken through a deep discharge then brought up they ‘come up’, shown by practical application.

    • Controller works at individual cell level.

    • Is the problem with the controller?

      • Brian has been checking this against measuring individual cells.

      • It is difficult to test with a different controller.

      • Check for a reset on the charger (Brian M)

      • Tom to send a link to Controller Discussion Groups to Brian M (Tom S)

    • Charger.

      • What sort?

      • Charger, controller and batteries bought as a unit.

      • It is in switch mode, but not absolutely certain.

    • Get more information. 

      • Talk to Battery World (Brian P). 

      • Talk to contacts and distributor, Rod Dilkes (Brian M).

      • Is the battery prematurely aged? Craig Salmon at French car care Kingston is a go to person for electric car owners. 0407126164.

      • Off grid installers may have information.

    • Batteries are protected from overuse by controller.

    • Stop gap measures.

      • Need to keep batteries off full charge. Only charge up when going out. In future:

        • Skipper does NOT normally put boat on charge (don’t plug in). If battery very low put it on a couple of hours timer charge (Brian M to arrange timer).

        • Boat MUST be booked out at least 24 hours before.

        • Plugged in the night before.

        • Need to a roster of ‘chargers’ who are informed when the boat is going out so that it can be charged. This needs to be incorporated into scheduling system (Richard).

        • Generators.

          • Can make modifications so that we are able to charge off a small motor, which has been a problem in the past (Brian).

          • Speak to Rod Dilkes (Brian).

        • Check the anchor (Brian P).

        • Need a safety boat capable of towing Nancy on standby (with driver). Rowan is ok, Tom is backup.

        • April 10th-11th Maritime trail Endra’s Nord is available as safety boat.

        • Share the Nancy calendar with critical people (Richard).

        • Need to schedule a few test runs (tow Rowan).

          • Next Tuesday (11am) Brian, Brian, Tom, Paul.

          • Trip to the slip – organise. (Richard). 

 Pic Happier days - Christmas 2015

Seniors Week almost upon us

posted Oct 8, 2020, 3:12 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 8, 2020, 3:14 AM ]

The good news is that we are almost fully booked up and the weather is looking ok.  We have crew and shore support for most days, but there are a couple of slots still vacant capitalised in the list below.  If you can help out enter the details on the form at https://tinyurl.com/yxfsjkqp or contact the secretary - sec@lbt.org.au  or 04977 86572. 

Monday, October 12
 barbara sharp: shore support
 brian pain: skipper
 glynn shevels: deck hand. 

Tuesday, October 13
 andrew ritchie: shore support
 brian pain: skipper
 glynn shevels: deck hand. 

Wednesday, October 14
 martin riddle: skipper
 tess hallinan: shore support. 

Thursday, October 15
 andrew ritchie: shore support
 celia leverton: deck hand
 martin riddle: skipper. 

Friday, October 16
 brian pain: skipper
 glynn shevels: deck hand

Saturday, October 17
 brian pain: skipper
 glynn shevels: deck hand

Sunday, October 18
 martin riddle: skipper
 nell tyson: deck hand
 tess hallinan: shore support.

Seniors Week Helpers

posted Oct 1, 2020, 3:22 PM by Richard Forster   [ updated Oct 8, 2020, 3:13 AM by Posts Editor ]

Thanks to everybody who has put their name forward.

So far (Friday Oct 2) we have bookings for Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  More bookings are coming in fast, and I think we can assume that the other days will fill up.  The calendar is shown  below, with the  'holes' where we need people capitalised.  If you can fill a spot please complete the form at https://tinyurl.com/yxfsjkqp or contact the secretary - sec@lbt.org.au  or 04977 86572. 

Monday, October 12 
 brian pain: skipper 
 glynn shevels: deck hand 
Tuesday, October 13 
 brian pain: skipper 
 glynn shevels: deck hand 

Wednesday, October 14 
 tess hallinan: shore support 
 Thursday, October 15 

Friday, October 16 
 brian pain: skipper 
 glynn shevels: deck hand 

Saturday, October 17
 brian pain: skipper
 glynn shevels: deck hand

Sunday, October 18
 brian pain: skipper
 tess hallinan: shore support. 

Seniors Week 2020

posted Sep 23, 2020, 9:44 PM by Richard Forster   [ updated Sep 23, 2020, 9:44 PM ]

This is the biggy for Nancy.  The advertisement in the COTA Newsletter reads as follows.

'Cruise the Huon river aboard the historic motor launch ‘Nancy’. Explore the Egg Islands and the picturesque rural land around Franklin. The Nancy has good all-weather shelter and a few steps to get on board (but no wheelchair access). Passenger numbers (normally 12) may be limited by Covid restrictions. Tours may be postponed if conditions are extreme.'

The dates are:
  • Monday 12th October 1:00pm–2:30;
  • Tuesday 13th October 1:00pm–2:30pm;
  • Wednesday 14th October 1:00pm–2:30pm;
  • Thursday 15th October 1:00pm–2:30pm;
  • Friday 16th October 1:00pm–2:30pm;
  • Saturday 17th October 1:00pm–2:30pm;
  • Sunday 18th October 1:00pm–2:30pm. 
A number of people have volunteered to help out as deck hands and in the Shed (organising), but the more we have the more we can spread the load.  If you can help out complete the form at https://tinyurl.com/yxfsjkqp or email the secretary: sec@lbt.org.au.

Nancy Tour Procedures

posted Mar 18, 2020, 5:53 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Mar 18, 2020, 6:02 PM ]

LBT Treasurer Rod Macfarlan has organised a special credit card 'pad' for the Wooden Boat Centre, so that payments can simply be 'swiped' into the system.  Thanks Rod!  This has prompted  a revision of our procedures, which (everybody knows) can be accessed from the Nancy Fanciers webpage: lbt.org.au => Boats => Nancy Fanciers => Documents.  More directly it can found at https://ishr.site/ndRp.

Removing hazards

posted Oct 20, 2019, 5:00 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 20, 2019, 5:03 PM ]

Endra O'May brought her big tinny down to help us remove a dangerous snag from the canal.  After a bit of faffing around mission was accomplished: the large branchy log that was making life difficult near the bend is now out and floating downstream.  Thanks Endra!  We were too busy to get any really good pics, but the one below gives a bit of the flavour. Pip Stevenson thinks it is a serious business. Thanks Endra!

  Pic from Endra O'May

Nancy Fanciers Meeting Monday August 26th

posted Aug 19, 2019, 6:59 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Aug 19, 2019, 6:59 PM ]

The Tuesday Group have been taking good care of Nancy, and she  is ready to be a big part of Tasmania's Seniors Week  (October 14th - 20th).  It is time to start planning for the 2019-20 summer season. Let's meet down at the shed at 5.30pm to discuss this.

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