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Montagu Whaler specifications

Name of boat: Not yet known

Owner of boat: Living Boat Trust Inc Franklin

Designer: Rear Admiral Victor Alexander Montagu

Builder: RAN Dockyard

Year built: 1953

Place built: Brisbane

Home port: TAS

Hull type: Monohull

LOA - Feet: 27

LOA - Inches: 0

LOD - Feet: 27

LOD - Inches: 0

LWL - Feet: 26

LWL - Inches: 0

Beam - Feet: 6

Beam - Inches: 3

Draught - Feet: 1

Draught - Inches: 5

Freeboard - Feet: 2

Freeboard - Inches: 0

Vessel type: Sailing Dinghy or Skiff

Style - Dinghies:

Other - please describe below

Other - style: Navy whaleboat

Construction: Timber clinker

Timbers used - frames: kauri

Timber used - hull: kauri

Timber used - deck: n/a

Rig - dinghy:

Other - please describe below

Other - rig: Ketch rig with dipping lug main sail

Boat sign other info:

“Montagu Whalers” were part of the standard equipment of all larger Royal Navy, and Royal Australian Navy vessels from the 1890s to the 1960s.

Special boat information:

(RAID ENTRY) This may be the last Australian-built Montagu Whaler still afloat. The Montagu Whalers were a multi-purpose ship’s boat, able to be rowed or sailed, for utility or rescue purposes. After decommissioning of the host vessel they often found their way to Naval Cadet units. This example had been with T.S.S Mersey before being restored by the Wooden Boat Centre in Franklin and then transferred to the Living Boat Trust, Franklin where it is used as an expedition and training vessel. The Wooden Boat Centre, Franklin partnered with Colony 47 and Huonville High School to undertake the restoration which provided a training environment for a diverse group of women, men and high school students. Cody Horgan, a very experienced shipwright from the Australian National Maritime Museum guided the restoration.