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Day 9

posted Aug 27, 2014, 4:48 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 27, 2014, 4:52 AM ]
From Peter Heading:

'A good workout for the bandsaw cutting out the four oregon oar blanks ready for gluing on the blade edges and final shaping with lots of handwork !  The first pair of planks are finally sitting in place on the hull ready for planing the bevels and geralds where the second pair of planks overlap them . Hopefully Friday will see them glued in place .  Another group have been busy gluing up plank four - only two more pairs to go. 

After an initial phase of go go go the atmosphere in the shed has relaxed a bit with lots of cuppas and chatting as the core group of half a dozen get to know each other. Always plenty of things to do, so don't be shy about dropping in for a day here and there.' 

And I thought 'a gerald' was a bloke called Gerry.